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Rolls Royce Phantom V

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Rolls Royce Phantom V

The enormous 6.2L engine has been removed and replaced with an electric motor which generates all of its torque from zero car speed. The motor pulls seamlessly from rest all the way through to top speed with no interruptions for gear changing and is also used to provide smooth regenerative braking when the car is slowing down. The effortless and quiet electric powertrain fits perfectly with the character of this wonderful car that was famously one of the quietest cars in the world in its day. 

The car features a battery pack made up from brand new lithium ion battery cells built in house by Lunaz. The pack is split into two halves with one half mounted under the bonnet where the engine used to be and the other half mounted under the boot (trunk) floor where the petrol tank used to be. This unusual (and more expensive) approach allows us to fit more batteries than would have been possible with a single pack, so we can use a powerful motor and still achieve a good vehicle range on a single charge. The Phantom V is a big car and as such uses the largest battery pack we make at Lunaz to give the longest range we can. It will easily run all day long in city traffic for a chauffeur.

To handle the high level of torque we have upgraded all of the transmission system, prop shaft and differential, so that effortless performance can be combined with modern reliability. The legendary supple ride of the original car is maintained whilst modern telescopic dampers replace the complicated and difficult to maintain Rolls-Royce original items to make this car much easier to operate in a modern environment. A modern electrically powered rack and pinion steering system with speed-related variable assistance replaces the original Rolls-Royce steering box to give a huge improvement in stability, control and maintenance costs. 

As might be expected we have also upgraded the brakes. Modern six-piston aluminium calliper disc brakes are fitted on the front and four piston versions on the rear with electrically powered servo assistance and adjustable brake bias. This upgrade is particularly welcome in city traffic as the original car had speed related variable power assistance which basically means at low speed you had nearly no brakes! 

The new powertrain is controlled by our own sophisticated electronics which allow us to fine tune the driver controls for optimum feel and response. The electronics also add a layer of safety with features like traction control and rear wheel anti-lock brakes together with convenience features like cruise control. Our calibration of the control electronics is focussed on smooth delivery of the motor torque so that the driver can concentrate on delivering a wonderful journey for his passengers. 

Inside the cabin original features like the walnut dashboard have been retained and at a casual glance through the window might appear unmodified, but classic style gauges have now been re engineered to present the new information required in an electric car. Where the fuel gauge used to be a battery State of Charge meter now sits and where the rev counter used to be a Lunaz Power Meter shows how much power is being either consumed or regenerated by the electric drive motor.  A modern touch screen infotainment system is also positioned behind the walnut bezel and provides the now essential bluetooth telephone integration, navigation and music streaming services. 

Behind the electrically motored glass division rear seat passengers have their own entertainment options. A beautifully integrated bar area is fitted in the back of the walnut covered central division and a separate music system allows passengers to choose their own music. Integrated WiFi allows communication on the move and walnut tables fold out of the rear division to provide a perfect perch for a laptop computer. There is also the option to carry extra people as two small additional seats were specified on the original car and these fold out of the central division to provide for two smaller passengers. 

The interior trim has a signature Lunaz touch combining the look and feel of a classic Rolls-Royce with modern day materials and manufacturing methods. The result is sumptuous yet supportive seats, materials that are soft to the touch and wood that is original but has been stripped right back, restored and recoloured to suit a modern colour palette. 

On the outside we have not modified the beautiful external styling of the original car which was crafted by the James Young coachworks. Our car features a metallic silver grey top portion separated from a darker grey lower half by a hand painted blush coach line. The lower half paint changes colour as you view it from different angles changing from dark to light to provide a modern and interesting look whilst maintaining the classic style. The fuel filler flap now hides a CHAdeMO fast charging socket and the car also has a type 2 AC socket for regular speed charging. The car features steel wheels clad with the original stainless steel hubcaps and fitted with whitewall tyres for an extra touch of period style. Inside the large chrome headlamps and original rear light clusters LED illumination now shines, but from the outside the car would easily pass for a petrol version all but for the absence of an exhaust pipe.