Lunaz Design


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Lunaz Design Future of Classic

Lunaz Design is a new start-up business with a simple concept, creating the future of classics.  Our aim is to give new life to a series of iconic classic vehicles by converting them to electric.  We intend to source a limited number of such vehicles, some that are no longer functional and create beautiful, clean and useable electric classic cars. Our cars will be completely overhauled to ensure that all the remaining mechanical components are in excellent working order and of the highest modern safety specifications. Interior and exterior finish will be of superior design and quality. We will preserve the beauty and transform the vehicles to provide both high performance and a stress-free driving experience.

Our approach differs from other businesses in this new market as we will not be marque specific.  We will develop and manufacture a modular set of electrical and electronic components that will allow us to convert cars from many different marques. The project has attracted professional, highly skilled engineers, product designers and technicians who, at our newly built workshop on the Silverstone Technology Park adjacent to the racing circuit, will be working on the cars to ensure a highly professional standard and finish.

We are well placed for the dawning of the electric age. The demise of the combustion engine is inevitable and pretty soon classics will become nothing more than museum pieces which does no justice to these aesthetic moving creations. 

We have a solution…

In a world full of robots and AI we are counter-intuitive. Our cars were originally hand built and will be restored by hand, using parts both original and new, sourced by our expert team. Our iconic vehicles will evoke an emotional response to their classic lines whilst enabling a wonderfully clean, quiet and reliable contemporary driver experience. Just guilt-free, tax free, enviable joy.

Unique is an over used word but these classics will be truly individual.