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We built Lunaz to further the legacies of the most beautiful cars in the world. We know there is no better proposition than timeless aesthetics propelled by the powertrain of the future.

We make these iconic machines a relevant and usable proposition for the 21st century. A classic car by Lunaz is not just for this generation, it is to be driven and enjoyed for many more.

Each classic by Lunaz represents an uncompromised expression of the original. Electrification answers the questions of usability, reliability and sustainability and empowers owners to enjoy their cars daily.

We restore, enhance and create with knowledge that these cars have cultural value far beyond their function. The passion we have for these cars can be felt in every stitch, weld and line of code.

We know our customers share our commitment to ensuring these cars are driven, seen and enjoyed for decades to come. We are excited to work with you in a shared mission to breathe new life into the most significant cars ever created.

David Lorenz, Founder

Jon Hilton, Managing Director & Technical Lead


Aston Martin DB6

Lunaz takes extraordinary care in the selection of the marques it chooses to apply its restoration, re-engineering and electrification process to. Only the most beautiful, rare or significant examples of their respective breed are considered. In the case of the Aston Martin DB6, there is no purer or striking evocation of the British Gran Turismo. Each of these cars will represent a truly singular expression of the breed, remastered entirely in the client’s image.

The introduction of electric Aston Martin DB6 cars to the Lunaz family has been driven by sustained demand from existing clients, as well as the desires of an entirely new classic car buyer. For the first time, they are presented with the powertrain and modern conveniences of today, clothed in a design that speaks of an era when aesthetic purity was the only requirement.

“As an investor in Lunaz and a huge car enthusiast I’m delighted to see this new development which completes the company’s line up of British auto icons. I’m proud to be involved with a talented team that is leading the field in creating sustainable solutions.”
– David Beckham, Investor

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Every electrified Aston Martin DB6 by Lunaz will undergo an exhaustive bare-metal restoration and re-engineering process to ensure the car represents a perfect example of an electrified classic.

Each corner is meticulously weighed to understand the original weight distribution to the gram. This information informs decisions on chassis setup, powertrain packaging and suspension. The internal combustion engine and associated systems are then sensitively removed and stored on behalf of the client before the chassis is prepared for re-engineering and electrification.

A commitment to reducing waste and impact wherever possible informs the restoration process throughout. Substrates are painstakingly restored in-house within a specialist fabrication department, which is then enhanced by Lunaz’s collective of highly skilled trim specialists. The result is an entirely renewed interior, crafted with the requirements of contemporary use but with a profound sensitivity to each individual vehicle’s heritage.

“This is a legacy so beautiful that we are required to preserve it. There is no more alluring evocation of the British GT and we are proud that electrification means it can compell many more generations.”
– Jo Slater, Head of Design


Remastering a Legend

Each electrified Aston Martin DB6 by Lunaz represents an authentic remastering of the original. To deliver this, Lunaz has gathered a styling team drawn from some of the most celebrated names in automotive and industrial design, led by Head of Design Jo Slater.

Jo and her team lead clients through a process that allows every interior and exterior surface, material and function to be re-imagined. The process begins with a consultative exploration of the tastes and requirements of the client.

The overall philosophy of ‘upcycling’ that informs the Lunaz proposition is expressed in an array of materials that take what already exists and finds new purpose. This can even extend to interiors free from animal-derived materials and the specification of carpets which are woven from fishing nets recovered from the sea. 100% recycled textiles are also offered throughout the cabin environment, in harmony with bio-content constructed materials.

“The Aston Martin DB6 delivered on the promise of truly indulgent continental touring. This is a legacy we could not resist furthering by creating the most alluring electric car in the world.”
– Jo Slater, Head of Design



The Aston Martin DB6 marries brisk initial acceleration with the requirements of a classic car that is very much built in the mode of a Grand Tourer. Indeed, the instant torque and silent delivery of an electric powertrain perfectly augments the intended use for long continental journeys with mixed road conditions.

Supreme driveability is ensured through the up-rating of brakes, suspension and steering, whilst read-outs for battery status and other contemporary functions are seamlessly integrated in the pure spirit of the original aesthetic. Even the weight, form and functionality of the original switches and buttons are replicated throughout to ensure authenticity at every level of the driving experience.

We are proud to make these cars a joyous and relevant ownership experience for future generations.

“Re-engineering and electrification delivers the ultimate Aston Martin driving experience. We are proud of our work creating a dynamic, engaging and truly usable expression of one of the great icons of British automotive heritage.”
– Jon Hilton, Managing Director & Technical Lead

We strictly limit production to protect the investments our clients make in a Lunaz car.

These build slots can only be secured by direct relationship with the factory.

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