By Lunaz
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Our powertrain is designed and engineered entirely in-house using the very best components. Our team is drawn from the leading names in automotive engineering.


We make classic cars a usable proposition for daily driving. Range is comparable to leading contemporary EVs, depending on which car and powertrain configuration you choose.

Old world style. New world convenience.

We integrate latest technologies with no compromise to classic design aesthetics. Every electric classic car by Lunaz benefits from power-steering, uprated brakes and suspension, air conditioning and latest infotainment technology including Apple Car Play.

Restoration and re-engineering.

Our process starts with an exhaustive restoration, down to the bare metal. Every car is weighed to the gram and laser scanned to ensure technical perfection at every stage of the process. Traditional coachbuilding and restoration skills are married to cutting edge manufacturing techniques to create cars that combine classic aesthetics with the usability and reliability of their modern equivalent.

Jon Hilton, Managing Director & Technical Lead
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